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Fight for LGBT Civil Rights

LGBT students are subject to unfair discrimination and bullying in our public schools. It's estimated that 9 in 10 LGBT youth are verbally harassed and 1 in 3 students are physically abused because of their sexual orientation.

The Student Non-Discrimination Act would stop this nonsense and create a safe learning environment for vulnerable LGBT students.

Add your signature to the Student Non-Discrimination Act and stand up for LGBT youth.

Your support will directly help Congressman Polis work the halls of Congress to add co-sponsors to the bill.

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Thanks to FearlessLGBT for leading the charge across the nation that lead to our "Bryant is Fearless

3:33 PM May 10th

@FearlessLGBT How did you feel when President Obama endorsed same sex marriage?

3:22 PM May 10th

@1LifeSoLiveIt @RockaRhoMedia @FearlessLGBT I'd be in trouble... #neutered :-)

4:47 PM May 9th

This is nothing man! Our PM is requesting at least 3 kids for every marriage at Turkey :) @RockaRhoMedia @BryantTuppy @FearlessLGBT

4:45 PM May 9th

@FearlessLGBT Please RT this song for the #LGBT community? #anti-discrimination #pro-love

2:30 PM May 7th

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