Rethinking Our Food Policy

For too long, what our nation eats has been determined by policies that select the winners and losers long before food ever reaches your table. Politicians and bureaucrats, their arms twisted and campaigns bankrolled by the special interests, have picked a small group of multinational corporations as the big winners.

The losers — the American public — now suffer from an obesity epidemic, misleading food labels, and looming environmental concerns.

The Problem

The giant multinational corporations that comprise the food industry lobby — known as Big Ag — have been effective opponents. The results of their efforts can be seen in food policies that put the profits of corporate agribusiness before people and the planet.

Congressman Polis puts it best:

The Fox is guarding the henhouse with regard to food policy. The fox packs in the chickens inches apart, cuts off their beaks, and doses them with antibiotics they wouldn’t need if they were kept in a healthier environment. Easier hunting for the fox. Dangerous for the rest of us.

Corporate food production has created a system that values quantity over quality. Crops supported by well-funded lobbyists - like corn and wheat - are produced at the expense of many others, resulting in the proliferation of cheap and unhealthy junk food.

Unsafe and inhumane industry practices lead to environmental and health concerns such as: foodborne illness, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and polluted drinking water.

Most important, families often lack access to high-quality foods and the resources to make informed decisions about what they eat.

The Solution

We need a sustainable food system that prioritizes the production of nutritious food, while minimizing the environmental impact, and supporting farmers.

Through the Fearless Campaign we will ask Congress to end the corporate welfare and favoritism. We will advocate for sustainable food production, improve access to nutritious foods and help consumers make smart choices through truth in labeling.

Check back for updates about our Fearless plans to:

  • Reform federal Agriculture Subsidies and the Farm Bill
  • Pass the Farm to School Improvements Act
  • Implement Truth in Labeling
  • Limit the Environmental Impact of Agriculture

Big Ag has effectively played the insider game for too long.  Now, it’s our turn.

Join Fearless Food Policy and help make sure that our lawmakers prioritize public health over corporate profits.







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